Vauxhall Regeneration

Urban Design, Landscape, Architecture and Public Realm competition entry for the regeneration of Vauxhall, London

"This plan showed some very original ideas, such as relocating the footbridge to align with Tate Britain. The judges loved this ambitious idea and the quality of the planting proposal" Feedback from RIBA Competitions

The Issue. With significant redevelopment coming to the Vauxhall and Nine Elms district, the pressure on an infrastructure already at capacity will further the marginalisation the communities who traditionally receive less attention.

The Challenge. The challenge was to produce a cohesive environment across the Vauxhall landscape which would allow users to engage with and enjoy a narrative as they move through the area.

The Response. The response is to re-design the infrastructure and landscape from a Biophilic paradigm. Biophilia is the theory that we innately respond to nature. Each park has been given a different yet complimentary identity. The identities are inspired by different biotypes, which simulate various aspects of the British countryside.

Completed in collaboration with Emotive Landscapes